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So you’re looking to promote a product or service via a sponsored blog post on AstroJunkies.com…GREAT! Please read the below important policy guidelines to become one of our valued sponsored bloggers.

Sponsored Posting Guidelines:

  • Sponsored post articles must be related to astronomy, amateur astronomy, or astrophotography.
  • Sponsored post articles with paid links to products or services must be related to astronomy, amateur astronomy, or astrophotography.
  • Sponsored post articles have a term limit of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, depending on the package purchased.
  • Sponsored post articles must be paid in full and up-front once approved before it will be posted to our website.
  • Sponsored post articles are limited to two (2) links that promote their product or service.
    Sponsored post articles must include at least one (1) legitimate link in addition to the two (2) paid links.
  • Sponsored post articles must be written with a high standard of quality and provide useful knowledge, products or services to our subscribers and readers.
  • Sponsored post articles must meet certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirements (our Editors will work with you to ensure this).
  • Please ensure articles are at least 600 words in length.
  • Please include an image that helps identify your article. Image should be 800-1280 pixels wide and 240 to 360 pixels high.

Sponsored Blog Post Approval Process:

  • All sponsored blog topic submissions are reviewed by me for approval. I will contact you regarding edits to topics and submissions prior to posting.
  • Once approved, I will contact you with an official “go-live” date of when your sponsored blog article will be posted to my website.
  • Sponsored blog posters are always encouraged to check back in to their article to monitor and answer any reader comments or questions.

Sponsored Blog Post Pricing:

Sponsored Post Packages:
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Please seek approval before purchasing any package. All purchases are final and non-refundable. All fees are payable in advance for the entire term. A 13% sales tax will be added to your package at checkout.

Sponsored Blog Post Submission Form:

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