How to make moon water?

Moon Water Recipe: How to Make Moon Water?

Throughout the centuries, astronomy was often associated with mysticisms. Even in today’s modern world we still associate the celestial bodies in the night sky with astrology, fortune-telling, and other such mystical activities. Moon Water is but one example of this.

But what exactly is Moon Water? In short, moon water is water that has been infused by the moon’s energy. It is a classic example of the intersection between astronomy and mysticism.

However, there are different methods one can use to capture moon’s energy. Keep reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about making moon water and how you can use it to enhance your well-being.

What Is Moon Water?

Moon water is, simply put, water that is stored in a container, typically a transparent glass jar, that is then placed under the moonlight.

The idea is that the water inside this container can thoroughly absorb the moonlight throughout the night, and thus the water now has absorbed the moon’s energy.

Moon water is often used in witchcraft and spiritual rituals; in witchcraft, moon water is believed to be a form of holy water that can be used in various rituals.

Moon water is believed to possess mystical powers and purifying energies that can attract good fortune for those who use it.

Some theories believed that the moon water from different moon phases can produce different effects whether it is during an eclipse, equinox, solstice, and full moon.

Also, the zodiac sign of the ‘charging’ period of moon water is also believed to affect the moon water’s energy.

How Can You Use Moon Water?

Now that we’ve discussed what moon water is, let’s look at its usage and benefits.

The basic principle for successfully charged moon water is it now has the ability to repel negative energies. In turn, this can produce the following benefits:

  • Circulating positive energies in the house it’s placed in, which can produce positive effects on plants, animals, and people inside the house
  • Purifying liquid that is great for the body and also for cleaning objects like jewelry and crystals, also environmentally-friendly.
  • Great base water for teas, infusion waters, and others.

You can also activate moon water with rituals and spells to enhance the moonlight energy, and with the very clean and stable energy of the moon water, you can:

Clean your house

Add moon water to your cleaning solutions to give your home a deep cleaning that will also help clean the negative energy circulating in the house.

Base for beverages 

You can use moon water to make infused water for herbal teas. Drinking Full Moon water as you start your day can give you auspicious spiritual energy to start your activities.

Watering plants 

Your plants can also be revitalized with a bit of moon water to help restore their life energy and repel negative energy.


You can add moon water to your bathwater to allow a more relaxing bath. You can combine it with essential oils of your choice to enhance their relaxing effects.


Spray some moon water at the entrance of your home or workplace/business to protect it from negative energies.


You can drink moon water before your meditation to help stabilize your mind to enhance your relaxed feeling and focus.

Full Moon Water vs New Moon Water

As discussed, charging your water during different moon phases can produce different effects. Charging your moon water during the new moon and full moon are the most popular methods with unique benefits:

New Moon Water

You can charge the water during the new moon for revitalization, with the new moon symbolizing new beginnings.

If you are wishing for a new relationship, a new job, a new house, and so on, then New Moon Water can help with this purpose.

You can charge and use New Moon Water each month to wish for positive intentions for the coming month.

Full Moon Water

Full Moon symbolizes the manifestation of power and success and is believed to assist in achieving your goals. Charge and use Full Moon Water while affirming your goals and objectives for the month.

How to Make Moon Water?

As discussed above, the best period to make Moon Water is either during the New Moon or the Full Moon.

Quick question, have you ever had a moon reading done?

Keep in mind, you are not limited to a single night to charge your water. The moon’s charging power is active for three consecutive nights surrounding the Full Moon or New Moon day: the day before, the night of the full/new moon, and the night after.

What Kind of Water Should You Use?

It’s best to use spring water whenever possible, but filtered tap water can also be adequate.

You can technically use any clean water, but if you are going to apply the Moon Water on your skin (especially face) or drink the water, then filtered or spring water is the best choice.

If you want more ‘natural’ Moon Water, you can collect rainwater and use it to make your Moon Water. It’s not, however, advised to consume Moon Water made of rainwater for health and hygiene reasons.

Also, check your local regulations whether collecting rainwater is legal in your area, as many locations don’t permit you to do so.

What Kind of Container Should You Use?

Any transparent container will do. Clear glass containers are the best choice, but you can use plastic containers, jars, decorative crystal jars, and so on.

The only factors you should consider are its size and it needs to be clear so the moonlight can penetrate and charge the water.

If you wave containers made of water-safe crystals like amethyst, quartz, or rose quartz, it can also enhance the water’s ability to absorb the moonlight energy.

Other Things To Prepare

You may also want to prepare the following:

  • Cleansing herbs like mugwort (mugwort is believed to be ruled by the Moon), lavender, sweetgrass, and rosemary.
  • A label so you can provide notes of the date of your Moon water, phase of the moon, zodiac signs, and so on.

Moon Water Recipe: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Fill Your container

Pretty self-explanatory. Fill the container of our choice with water. If you plan to consume your Moon Water, remember that to use water that is safe to drink.

We’d recommend covering the container with a lid or cover to keep the water clean (use clear cover/lid), but you can leave your container uncovered if you wish.

Step 2: Find a place with direct moonlight

Find a place that will be fully exposed to the moonlight that is preferably also protected from wind and/or rain. For example, your patio or balcony.

Step 3: Say or write an affirmation

Take a moment to focus on your intention in using the Moon Water, say your affirmation (or prayer) over the container, and focus on this intention to start the Moon Water ritual.

You can also write the intention down and place it near the container (or attach it to the jar). Any pure and good intention is valid: more happiness, more physical and spiritual energy, more focus, better health, and so on.

You can write something like, “Moon, please influence this water with your positive energy, so that it can help me attract more wealth and happiness to my life”.

Step 4: Leave your jar under the moonlight

Once everything’s set, simply leave your jar overnight in the moonlight.

Remember that you can keep the jar for three days: the day before the Full Moon/New Moon, the night of the Full Moon/New Moon, and the day after to maximize its effect.

However, keep the container indoors during the day and don’t expose it to sunlight.


However you are going to use moon water, your intention is the most important factor. Moon water is capable of absorbing both positive and negative energy, so affirming your wish is very important.

You can meditate before the ritual, and make sure you are relaxed and focused.

It’s also a good idea to look into the zodiac sign for the full moon/new moon when affirming your intentions.

For example, if you have romantic intentions, then you can charge the moon water during Taurus or Libra full moon/new moon to enhance the romantic energy manifestation in your moon water.